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Why Top Companies Stay Ahead of Online Messaging (And You Should, Too)

Unions have stepped up their recruitment and communication efforts, thanks to technology. That’s an issue if you’re trying to stay union-free but lack in your tech game. So today we’re talking about five reasons to stay ahead of union organizing, and offering a few ways to do just that.

1.Convert enlistment.

Technological advancement has extended our reach and our ability to connect with new prospects across nearly every industry. Technology is now being utilized by tech-savvy unions to enlist new dues-paying members. While your company may not see union organization in a traditional sense, it doesn’t mean that it’s not taking place on a digital platform right in the hands of your employees. Unions, such as the Communication Workers of America and the International Association of Machinists, use technology to connect with employees and get into the minds of your workers. However, if you stay ahead of union tactics and become aware of the technology tools they use to get organizing started “underground,” you can prevent this issue and even convert their those who would have been union supporters to adopt the company’s UnionProof culture.

2. Circumvent improper use of company technology.

One of the many strategies that tech-savvy unions are utilizing is encouraging workers to report work violations while at work but on their own time. While they may be doing this during a lunch break or before or after work, they can be using company property – computers and mobile devices – to carry out union-related tasks. This strategy allows the unions to be present in the mindset of the employee without entering the property. At the same time, it also carries an unethical undertone by “playing unfairly” to use your own devices against your company. So talk with employees about this, encourage them to use their voice – not the company’s property – to make change happen at your company.

3. Strengthen the Employee-Employer Relationship

Speaking of company-provided resources, make sure your employees aren’t left in the dark without the right tools to get their jobs done or any avenue to communicate their needs. When employees perceive a lack of support, it immediately weakens their relationship with management. As a smart employer, you can use technology to gain insight on how you’re doing and see if you are giving your employees the benefits or assistance they need. You can accomplish this by using virtual suggestion boxes and social polling techniques. Cloud computing and big data analytics can be a gateway to strengthen your employer-employee relationship because they offer a way to store and analyze employee feedback from polls and suggestion boxes.

4. Quick Communication

Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have now become the new news source. Use of social media crosses generations not just because it seems “cool,” but because it’s quick and easy to use. Tech-savvy unions are aware of this and use social media as a quick way to communicate with union members and even encourage them to post their disputes to public forums. However, if you create your own online community using these platforms, you can quickly communicate changes in the company and demonstrate transparency to build trust and a stronger bond with your employees. You can also use social media as a way to support professional networks created at work.

5. Spreading Knowledge

Technology has opened doors for many to have access to news and educational resources, which were virtually impossible before. Tech-savvy unions understand this and use technology to offer educational resources to their union members as a benefit. However, if you offer these services to your employees, you can demonstrate the greater value there is in using the company’s educational tools.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to union-proof your company.

You can encourage a UnionProof culture by embracing technology, by educating management and by engaging forward-thinking resources, like the Union Proof team at Projections when communicating with your workforce. With the right resources at your fingertips, you can stay ahead of tech-savvy unions while demonstrating transparency and building trust with your employees.



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