What would Jesus do?

Leave it to the unions to attempt to organize God or more specifically the Canadian Auto Workers trying to organize the 4,000 pastors at the United Church in Canada. As if tithing 10% isn’t enough, you want dues on top of that, I mean “lords-name-in-vain,” are you kidding me?

Unions never cease to amaze me and not in a spiritually uplifting way.  Here they are the Auto Workers for Pete’s sake (God’s cousin), driving the auto industry to hell as GM decides to close the truck assembly plant in Oshawa… and behold: they will go after any Methodist in exchange for a prayer to save them from themselves!  Organizing Methodist pastors?  What do they want that the Lord does not provide them?  How hard can it be to work in what I can only assume is a “life calling” to do God’s work and yet you want what–dignity and respect, more money, fewer hours, what?  What exactly is the Canadian Auto Workers union going to do for you that spirit of the Lord is not?  I’d like to see that miracle myself.
“Howard be thy name,”  just kidding, I thought that’s what they always said in church when I was 7, turns out it was “Hallowed be thy name,” as I learned from the song by Iron Maiden in college… but I digress…
The devil’s name in this story is Basil “Buzz” Hargrove, the President of the CAW and the Reverend Robert Matton.  The union says the reverend faces expulsion from the church over his repeated attempts to unionize pastors.  (Well that doesn’t sound too Christian, now does it?) Maybe it falls under that “do unto others…” thing.
Besides, with Jesus being a carpenter and all, you’d think the Carpenter’s Union would have a lock on this sort of thing, but Lord knows…
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