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Update On The UAW’s Push To Organize Foreign Transplants


Last year, the UAW announced their intentions to organize the non-union auto manufactures located in the South. Over the past 25 years, the UAW has tried- and failed every time- to organize these plants.

As for the progress of Bob King and UAW’s mission, I guess we can say it’s a fluid situation. Here is some of what we know:

– UAW has not picked their first target yet, something King expected to have already done by now. (You can certainly read many things from that). Also, the actual manufactures and specific plants they are going after remains unclear.

– The union has hired Richard Bensinger to serve as director of organizing. He is currently working in Alabama to “assist with the organizing drive and send a message to Hyundai” according to a union official from New York.

– UAW has formed a Global Organizing Institute which will “give interns from other car building countries an indoctrination into the practices the union uses for collective bargaining, which they will then take back to their home countries and act as homegrown advocates for the UAW’s organizing efforts at non-unionized transplant facilities in the United States.”

– They are also working to create coalitions with unions from other countries (where the auto makers are headquartered) to apply pressure on them with respect to organizing the American plants.

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