Unions are Dumb

Unions continue to do some of the dumbest things, take the recently launched campaign against Gap, “www.gaphurtskids.com,” by the Teamsters.

The Teamsters have created this corporate campaign against Gap.  But their real target is Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc., who the Teamsters took out on strike last September.  Confused?
Well, welcome to wisdom of unions.  Organize some truck drivers at a 90-year old family run company, go to collective bargaining, can’t get your way,  and take the poor employees on strike (1st one in 50 years) in an attempt to force the evil company into submission.  The problem?– That was 5 months ago and the plan isn’t working.  So, where does Gap come into all of this?
Oak Harbor is a vendor of Gap’s.  They deliver Gap merchandise to stores around the country.  Still confused?  The union logic of a corporate campaign is “if I can’t break the will of the company, perhaps some of their customers can.”  More confused?
You should be, so pay close attention.  Who are your vendors?  Who are your customers?  What Union has your company in its sights?  You see the Teamsters have been unable to organize Gap Stores or Gap distribution centers either, so what’s a little payback amongst friends.
You have to wonder what the Oak Harbor employees really think, or even if they understand what the Teamsters are doing to them.  They will never recover from a strike of this length.  Nothing they wanted or will possibly even get in collective bargaining will ever cover the direct loss of the employee’s paychecks (at least in a 3 year contract).  In their effort to “help” the Oak Harbor employees, what message are they sending to Oak Harbor customers?  I’m talking about customers that the Oak Harbor employees have developed relationships and trust and a solid business relationship with over many years of service.  How are the Teamsters helping anyone in this situation in the long run?
Now the Teamsters involve Gap and of course Gap customers by attempting to tie the two entities together in a such a manner that it takes a CSI team to figure it out.  Dumb or even worse because nobody really cares…  Oak Harbor’s on-time delivery for January was 97.80%.
Next, the Teamsters show real stupidity by calling the campaign “Gap Hurts Kids”.  What kids?  Oh, you mean the kids and grandkids of the employees you took out on strike with a vague reference to working children in sweatshops, those kids?
I get it… oh, no, really, I don’t, because it’s just dumb.  Even the photos of the kids are dumb, look at them and you will hear your inner child say, “Really, Gap hurts these kids?”
Now the Teamsters are going after KeyCorp and its subsidiary KeyBank, pulling it’s $18 billion in assets.  Why?  According to Hoffa, “KeyBank, which operates branches in several states, is playing a critical role in the ongoing dispute by providing funds that allow Oak Harbor Freight Lines to survive.”  I know your thinking, “he’s kidding, right.  Hoffa really expect the bank to cut off Oak Harbor’s access to their own money and funding arrangements because the Teamsters bank there?”  Hey, Hoffa, good luck finding one of the few remaining banks left standing that doesn’t have a single customer that you and the Teamsters are not strong-arming in some fashion.  Where does it end, who’s next on the “Teamster Temper Tantrum Parade?”
Teamsters hurt those kids.  Teamsters hurt the Oak Harbor employees.  Teamsters hurt Gap employees.  Teamsters hurt Gap customers.  Teamsters hurt KeyCorp and KeyBank.  And yep, Teamsters even hurt themselves with campaigns like these.
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