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Two Crucial Times To Educate Employees On Union Authorization Cards

When organizers begin handing out union authorization cards, your employees may view them as nothing more than a piece of paper. They may think the card is just to get additional information, or may have been told their signature is something they can get back.

If it’s a volatile situation, it can be a vulnerable time, and your employees are likely to be highly susceptible to union promises. It’s up to management to make sure that employees understand what it really means when they start signing union authorization cards.

An even better strategy is to educate employees on their rights and responsibilities prior to a card signing drive. It may seem counter-intuitive: why bring up union organizing when it’s not even an issue, but making sure everyone has all the information they need is vital.

Cardsigning Education Opportunity #1: New Employee Orientation

In an ideal situation, employers will make an effort to stop union authorization card signing before it begins. The best offense is always a strong defense. Make sure employees understand the implications, power, and binding legal nature of authorization cards and how they are used by unions gain new members, and that they may say just about anything to get one signed.

Little Card, Big Trouble

Cardsigning Education Opportunity #2: During Card Signing Activity

If a card signing campaign has begun within your workforce, educate employees as quickly as possible about what it means to sign union authorization cards. In this situation, much of the education remains the same, but the urgency can make the information more compelling.

Whether you have experienced card signing or not, Little Card, Big Trouble is an ideal first step in creating a UnionProof culture. It’s time-tested (first produced over 20 years ago) and has been approved by the NLRB for employee orientation programs in both union and non-union environments.

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