UAW Smoking More than Cigarettes

UAW: “Smoking has been a contractual privilege (at Caterpillar) for 60 years.”

Are you kidding me, even the Malboro Man and Camel Joe knew when to quit.  Now, the UAW has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge against Caterpillar Inc. over a smoking ban that goes into effect at all of its U.S. properties on Sunday.

The union says the ban goes against guarantees in the UAW contract, and that such a policy is subject to collective bargaining.
You see, kids, this is why collective bargaining, I mean smoking is dangerous to your health.  And here I thought health care was a big issue with unions, but a pack day will keep a strike away…
“It would be unfortunate and disappointing if some employees decided to strike over the company’s decision to prohibit smoking on Caterpillar campuses,” said spokesman Dan Day.
Does the union care that Illinois, where Caterpillar is located, passed a law that prohibited smoking in the work place and elsewhere?
If I were a UAW member (and you just don’t hear that everyday), I would start a Decertification petition today and end this embarrassment or at least go to my local CVS and buy a quit-smoking patch…either one and today. A ULP for my God-Given right to smoke… I’m surprised they are all still alive after 60 years of smoking.
Doesn’t the UAW have enough to do right now trying to sell the American Axle debacle to all those poor UAW members without stopping to file a ULP for smoking…priorities man, priorities!  And besides if you don’t win, it’s more money to pay your dues, so they can file another ULP against steel-toe boots or safety harnesses.
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