Turning Knowledge Into Action

Today’s  dynamic and changeable labor environment means  that in order to stay union-free, your company must educate and engage your first line of defense – supervisors and managers – on matters relating to labor unions, well in advance of a union campaign. Role play union avoidance training is a powerful way to make sure your leaders know how to react, including what to say and what not to say.

Today’s Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals need engaged managers and supervisors with the ability to address employee concerns and questions, but creating someone with that skill set is another challenge altogether.

Supervisor Labor Relations Knowledge… A Great Start

When you pair UnionProof’s Your Best Defense video with Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free e-Learning, you give your front-line leaders comprehensive training in labor relations, allowing them to develop an understanding of how they can be affected by unions, and the role they play in helping to make unions unnecessary in their workplace.

But this education, on its own, is not enough – because front line leaders also have to learn how to put that training to use. With role play union avoidance training, you create superior supervisors that communicate effectively and within the limits of the law.

Role Play Union Avoidance Training… Mining True Gold

Once your supervisory team has a thorough understanding of labor unions, they can begin passing along that information to their employees, and communicating with them on the topic.

It starts with engaging the workforce, initiating conversations with employees about the realities of union campaigns and union representation. In general, your supervisors and managers should feel comfortable talking about unions and be able to discuss them with authority and in a relaxed and friendly manner.

That’s where UnionProof’s role play union avoidance training, Catch Phrase e-Learning comes in. Catch Phrase teaches your supervisory team how to talk about unions with employees, placing them in roleplay situations where they must choose the best response, teaching them the best response to dozens of questions employees may ask about unions, and empowering them to keep their company union-free.

What’s more, Catch Phrase also helps keep those conversations legal, by detailing the TIPS and FOE rules, giving them the knowledge they need to keep engaging workers on the topic without putting themselves or the company at risk.

Stay Union Free

Educating your supervisors – who, in turn, educate your workforce – not only lays the groundwork for successfully defeating a future union campaign, it also lays the groundwork for preventing that campaign from ever beginning in the first place. Teaching employees about the union threat, and cultivating an open dialogue between management and workers about unions and about the workplace, in general, automatically helps to build a more positive and healthy working environment. Additionally, with role play union avoidance training in place, your supervisors will be more accessible to employees, more responsive to their problems, and earn a reputation as a legitimate source of information about the company as well as about labor unions.

Education is powerful, but action is key. Get both, with interactive Catch Phrase Supervisor labor relations training.

About the author

Walter Orechwa

Walter is Projections’ CEO and the founder of UnionProof & A Better Leader. As the creator of Union Proof Certification, Walter provides expert advice, highly effective employee communication resources and ongoing learning opportunities for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals.