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Tinkerbell Arrested in UNITE HERE Protest

So it’s come to this…Snow White, Tinkerbell and Cinderella arrested, and where was that union steward, Peter Pan during all this?  Leave it to UNITE HERE (Local 681) to have a labor protest at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

It seems that 32 “characters” managed to get themselves handcuffed, frisked and loaded into police vans after an hour-long march to Disneyland’s gates ended with all of them sitting in the middle of a busy intersection.  This doesn’t sound wise on any level.

The protesters on behalf of the 2,300 maids, bell hops, cooks and dishwashers at the Paradise Pier, the Grand Californian and the Disneyland Hotel who are working with an expired contract since February.  They were joined by community activists and religious leaders from local churches–funny none of those “interested parties” were arrested.

My problem with all of this is the illusion that the union (UNITE HERE) will save the day.  The union will get you more money.  The union will get your more health care benefits.  The union will tell Disney how to run its company… AND all those union members fall for all of it.

In the last contract, through collective bargaining on the workers behalf, they got a free medical plan in exchange for agreeing to a lower wage for hotel workers in the first three years of their employment.  NOTHING IS FREE, now it’s three years later and is it time to pay up? Or is this the price of being in a union and having to suffer through collective bargaining over and over again?

What’s the problem according to the protest?

“Other hotels in the area pay $2 to $3 more…waaa, waaa.”

GO WORK FOR THEM!  “Disney wants us to pay for a share of their health plan and eliminate the free health plan.”

You mean the hotel workers would have to pay for medical care like ALL of the other Disney employees (Disney pays 75% of the overall cost).  This little factoid includes all the other unions on the property, too.

“Disney wants to create a two-tier system that would include new hires who work less than 30 hours a week and receive no sick or vacation pay or work on holidays.”

WHO CARES?  It’s called business, if that’s what they want to do to save money or get enough employees to handle seasonal fluxes or whatever reason they have–maybe it is just to shaft their employees, then so be it.  DON’T LIKE IT, then don’t work for Disney.  Don’t take that “part-time” job.  Maybe there are plenty of people out there who only want to work part-time and have other means of insurance.

Instead of investigating the real story, the media quotes people like this:

Luz Vasquez, who works in the bakery at Disneyland Hotel, said she can’t afford to lose many of her benefits.  She said it’s already hard to care for her three grandchildren and aging mother while earning $14.32 an hour.

I don’t doubt that every word of this women’s story it is true, and I feel for her.  But WHO CARES–why should your hard life mean that Disney should give you free benefits or pay you more than any other worker whose life might not suck to the same degree?  The sense of entitlement and the “you owe me” mentality is all union.  Now you paid $45 at the Disney store for that silly costume you’re wearing, been handcuffed and arrested. Is UNITE HERE going to post your bail? And how did this really help the cause?

How many meetings has UNITE HERE had with Disney since February to negotiate a new contract? Eleven.

How many protests has UNITE HERE had against Disney since February to demand satisfaction? Fourteen.  Priorities? I don’t think so.

Maybe working for Disney is not the answer for you, but having a third party represent you is definitely not improving your situation.  Over 92% of the private sector workforce already has figured this out, and believe me, they don’t all hate their jobs and their employers, like the unions would have you believe.

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