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The Only Union Avoidance Toolkit Your Managers Need: LaborLook.com

You’ve been pro-active: your entire managerial team has been thoroughly trained in labor relations. Theoretically, if a campaign were to happen next week, next month, or next year, they’d be ready to meet that challenge… or would they?Laborlook website

Training is Just the Beginning

The fact is, labor relations training for managers and supervisors should never be seen as a “one and done” fix. Sure, your supervisors can learn about how unions work and retain a good amount of that information, but will they remember the specific procedures that will keep their conversations legal if a campaign strikes in a year? Will they remember enough from their training to make them a credible source of labor information to their employees, if a campaign strikes later?

Beyond retention, there’s also the issue of the changing world of labor: unions are constantly reviewing their strategies and developing new ones – ones that might not have even existed when your team was last trained. In the age of ambush elections and underground organizing campaigns, your team needs to be ready at a moment’s notice!

Once you’ve invested in your managers’ labor education, it’s time to ensure that their union knowledge is kept both up-to-date and top-of-mind.

Everything In One Place, Part One: LaborLook

The way you accomplish that is to keep everything in one place:

…One place where managers can go when they need to tap into their labor education.

…One place they can use to remind themselves of corporate labor policies, re-watch their labor relations training programs, or maybe even report potential organizing activity.

…One uniquely customizable place that houses everything labor, for all of your supervisors, and one that’s accessible online, 24/7, from any device.

That one place is LaborLook, from UnionProof.

A custom LaborLook website gives your supervisors and managers the tools they need to combat unionization, even before a union campaign begins. What’s on the site is entirely up to you – the goal is to create a “go-to” space for your managers to visit whenever labor questions arise.

LaborLook delivers consistent messaging about unions for all your managers, and provides a reinforcement of their labor relations education. As a website, LaborLook is extremely responsive, so the information and content presented on the site can be updated as often as necessary, adapting to the changes within your organization and within the labor relations world.

Everything In One Place, Part Two: Campaign Central

Further extend the functionality of your LaborLook site to include campaign communications for managers and supervisors. Once you’ve established your LaborLook site as the trusted source of up-to-date information, using it as a tool during an organizing drive is a natural progression.

This concept was the origin of UnionProof’s Campaign Central. Think of it as a virtual war room for your supervisors – a site they can visit to get the latest developments in the union campaign: all company documents, election day details, related policies, and links and facts managers can share with employees. It can also include links to any videos that have been, or will be, shown to employees by the company during the campaign – again, keeping the messaging consistent throughout.

The Tools They Need

When it comes to labor relations, we all know that communication is key – but that communication must always be current for it to have any real positive impact.

Before and during a campaign, a LaborLook site and Campaign Central can together serve as a critical part of your management team’s defense against a union advance. Establishing this “go-to” resource to train and inform managers, all while reinforcing your company’s union-free operating philosophy is reassuring for both you and your managers. Create a single powerful information source that enables them to better handle whatever labor relations challenges the company might face.

> See a free demo of a LaborLook website

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