“The Most Trusted Labor Relations Professional In The Room”

UnionProof Certification Video #3Last week, I released two new videos for you, all about building a union proof culture. Monday was all about the secret to avoiding unionization… not fighting unions at all. Then on Thursday, I gave you the key to creating a truly union-proof culture, that is, a genuine strategy!

It’s actually been a lot of fun – everyone has provided so many great comments and such outstanding feedback:

“Having a strategic plan and remaining in a campaign mode at all times is key to keeping your employees engaged, listening to them, and responding.  Doing so steals the thunder from any outside group whose motives are self-serving and not employee centric.  Union Proof is a comprehensive and effective approach to helping companies remain employee focused and union free.” – Scott Purvis, Vice President, Human Resources, Lowe’s Companies Inc.

So, today, to thank everyone, I want to tell you about the tools that will take the confusion, guesswork and dangerous mistakes out of UnionProofing your company. My third – and final – video is all getting your hands on the body of knowledge you need to truly “walk the talk” when it comes to building a union proof legacy for your company.

It’s all about allowing you to take a huge shortcut, and union proof your company in the fastest, easiest way possible.

It’s about becoming the most trusted labor relations professional in the room… the one everyone turns to when the proverbial ka-ka hits the fan.

Check out this final video here – I won’t be doing another until next year:






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