Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free

Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free

You can’t expect your Supervisors to become labor relations experts overnight, but you can empower them with the knowledge they need!

Labor relations training for supervisors has now become a vital part of any union proofing strategy. Here, we’ll explain how things have changed, and what you can do about it.

Don’t Get Caught By An “Ambush”
Some call them “Ambush” elections, some call them “Quickie” elections – but regardless of how you say it, the rule enacted on April 14th, 2015 by the NLRB poses an acute new threat for any company with a union-free operating philosophy.

The rule slashes the window of time between a union’s filing of a representation election petition and the date of the election, dropping it from a previous average of 39 days to an average of 24 days. This shortened window gives unions the advantage, giving employers less time to educate their workforce about unions, employees less time to research union claims on their own, and dramatically reducing the amount of time the union has to sustain employee interest prior to the vote.

What Can I Do?
The UnionProof team at Projections has fielded this question a lot lately. The good news is, that while this new rule does pose a challenge for companies, it’s not an insurmountable one. Even with this new rule in place, using the tools that have helped companies remain union-free for over 3 decades is still the best strategy. You can still protect your workforce, educate your employees and defend your company – you’ll just need to shift your timetable.

Reactive Vs. Proactive
Before the Ambush election rule was enacted, companies like yours could afford to be more reactive. They could choose to wait to communicate and educate their employees and supervisors about unions until after a union campaign began.
Today, being reactive is no longer an option. The window between the day a petition is filed and the day employees vote has shrunk to the point where a proactive strategy is vital. Because, while it may be possible to work to train supervisors and educate employees in just ten days, it’s costly and exhausting. In order to fully educate your workforce about unions, and the risks of unionization, you must become proactive – and that means engaging your employees on the subject of unions, now – well before a union comes calling.

Educate Supervisors First
In a proactive environment, your supervisors and managers will be your ongoing connection to your workforce – so you must educate them first. Give them the basics by starting with Your Best Defense, a video that takes just 15 minutes to show but provides them with a solid foundation on which to build their knowledge and skills.
Then, you’ll want to give your managers access to additional, powerful real-world video examples that help them understand what to say and do. Provide your supervisors with interactive exercises that teach, reinforce and show them how to put into practice the principles they’ve learned. This kind of training will give you your first – and strongest – line of defense against union organizing attempts.

The #1 union prevention eLearning program, Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free can provide your supervisors with exactly what they need. Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free is a comprehensive, six-part online training program designed to help supervisors and managers understand how they can be affected by unions, and how they can help make unions unnecessary in their workplace. They’ll come away with a clear understanding of the ways that managers can discourage card signing, and better communicate with their employees. In anticipation of a campaign situation, they’ll also gain ways to encourage “no” votes as well as knowledge of the modern organizing tactics unions use today. Because your supervisors can train entirely online, Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free allows them to learn anywhere, at any time, and at their own individual pace. Plus, you’ll receive full, comprehensive compliance reporting, so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing which supervisors and managers have successfully completed their labor relations training.

In this new world of “Ambush” elections, it’s clear: Supervisors really CAN keep you union-free: now it’s up to you to make sure you give them the knowledge they need to make it happen!

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