Superior Supervisors Create UnionProof Companies

superiorsupervisorsWant to make your business union proof? Start with your supervisors. Your front line managers are key in your business’s management-employee relations. Your employees may rarely see you or upper management, but they see their supervisors every day. This means two things: First, what your supervisors observe and tell you are the best (and possibly only) way to know what your employees are thinking. Second, how your supervisors treat your employees is going to shape how your employees see you.

Consider Your Options

Building better leaders is a vital part of becoming UnionProof, but you don’t have to talk about unions to do it. A Better Leader offers fresh new leadership topics every month, including video, downloadable resources, quizzes, and additional segments that dig a little deeper with well-known leadership experts.

The A Better Leader eLearning includes courses centered on supporting employees, connecting with employees, improving employees, and motivating teams – plus topics on union avoidance.

Meet The Challenge Head-On

If you want to union proof your business, your first step is providing supervisors union avoidance training. Your supervisors are the people that will make the difference between a happy workforce and a disgruntled one. Attorneys, and employer councils agree that supervisor training is an important first step your company’s larger strategy of union avoidance. With training and support, your supervisors can keep your company happy and union-free.

Supervisors Can Keep You Union FreeOn what information should you be training your supervisors to UnionProof your company? These six topics are vital to build awareness, understanding, and create a solid first line of defense:

  • How unions  Affect Supervisors, Companies and Employees
  • How To Make Unions Unnecessary
  • How To Stop Card Signing
  • Communicating With Employees
  • How To Get “No” Votes in an Organizing Campaign
  • Modern Organizing Tactics that Unions Use

Unionization is Evolving

Unions have been around for hundreds of years, but their organizing processes are evolving. While organizers used to have to go to the workplace to get physical cards signed, now all they really need is your employees’ email addresses. Combined with the threat of ambush elections, which limit your ability to communicate the risks of unionization, you need to be aware of how your workforce is feeling and to communicate the downsides of unions. Aware, alert, educated supervisors are vital to that effort.

Fight for your company

Want to get ahead of unionization? Supervisor union avoidance training will improve the effectiveness of your staff in the face of modern union organizing and online card signing. The key is constant vigilance through education. Look for new ways to engage and communicate with your employees regarding the risks of unionization, and make sureyour supervisors  know them. Educating your supervisors can be time-consuming and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Explore e-Learning options for cost-effective solutions. In addition to providing consistency in your training regardless of changes in trainers or newly promoted managers, e-Learning is also less costly, and infinitely more accessible, allowing your supervisors to remain productive while staying cutting-edge.

Check out the UnionProof demo for “Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free” e-Learning!  For just $350 to train every supervisor, with compliance reporting included, implementation is as easy as a phone call!  Develop your broader UnionProof strategy now – before the unions come calling.

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