Remain Union Free By Monitoring Social Media

A decade or two ago, it was fairly easy to stay on top of union organizing activity. While union organizers have been known to be very savvy in their marketing, traditional union organizing included things like on-site solicitation, passing out fliers, promoting meetings, and providing easily recognizable signs of organizing activity. That’s no longer the case.

Unions have fully embraced electronic communication, and made no bones about the fact that they will continue to exploit online social networking channels. These channels allow them to keep their activities secret, and gather a following before the employer is even aware of their presence.

Before going to the media, Apple employee Cory Moll said he used Twitter and Facebook, along with a pro-union website, to communicate with supporters about a union at Apple stores. This is just one example.

Here are four free tools management can use to monitor social networking sites for union activity:

1) Follow unions/ union sympathizers on Twitter.

2) Set up appropriate Google Alerts.

3) Use Google Reader to follow relevant blogs.

4) Keep an eye on union Facebook pages and utilize the Facebook search function.

For a detailed explanation on these four points, and how you can move forward today, read this article from Projections: “Free and Easy Social Media Monitoring Tools.”

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