Questions An Internal HR Audit Should Ask

So you’ve made the decision to conduct an internal Human Resource audit. The team is in place and you are ready to begin. Which areas should you look at first? I don’t know if there is a good first or second place to begin with, but there are plenty of places to get to. An HR audit should ask the following questions:

– Do you have all the required postings present and visible?
– Does your company follow all appropriate I-9 requirements, including proper recording?
– Do employment applications contain any questions that are illegal? Are they properly maintained?
– Is the employee handbook current and legal? Do employees have a copy? Have they signed documentation showing that they have obtained a copy?
– Are any files stored in the managers’ desk files (rather than properly placed in records file)?
– Are all OSHA logs are up to date, completed, and available to employees?
– Do you have an electronic communication policy (this includes email, social media, etc.)?
– Do you have a policy for company issued cell phones (how often can they talk, can they text/ send pictures, for personal use or just business, etc.)?
– Do you have a legally sufficient anti-harassment policy? Does it include a strong anti-retaliation policy?
– Do you have a grievance or complaint procedure in place that employees are aware of and feel like they can use?
– Is the at-will language in your handbook legal?
– Is the paid time off policy clear?
– Do you have a satisfactory equal opportunity employment policy? Is it noted on job postings?
– Are FMLA policies and procedures up to date?
– Do you have substance abuse policies in place?
– Are employees aware of safety or accident reporting policies?
– Are ERISA and COBRA requirements met and followed through on?
– Are ADA policies up to date and followed?
– Does the company comply with all FLSA regulations? See this article for more information on wage and hour requirements under FLSA.
– What are your recruiting procedures that you have in place? Are you looking for the right candidate? Do you have an effective (and legal) application? Do you conduct a background check (criminal check plus work history/ references)? Who handles the interviews?
– Do you have a proper onboarding practice for new employees?
– Do you have a formal performance evaluation procedure? What about a disciplinary policy procedure? Is it followed consistently?
– Are you properly retaining all records for the appropriate time as required by law?

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