You know those movie trailers that start off “In a world” with the deepest voice on the planet narrating?

Well, listen carefully, because I’m using that voice. “In a world filled with unions that will stop at nothing to ruin your day, one company has created a resource so powerful, labor teams across the country will be able to set up the training & education of their supervisors & employees in a matter of minutes.”

What is this powerful resource called o’ wise one and how can I get my hands on it?
Not so fast, my young learners, you must first know what you are dealing with before you can truly appreciate the power of, drumroll please,!

Ask yourself:

What is your first line of defense in the battle against unionization?

What could stop card signing in exactly 17 minutes 8 seconds?

Do you know what goes into effect on April 14, 2015?

What do the internet, television, laptop, tablet and smart phones have in common?

If you answered: Supervisors, Little Card Big Trouble, Quickie Elections Rule and all devices that can view then continue reading. is a 24×7 online access of every single labor relations product created by the masterminds at delivered via a password-protected portal that you will use to train and educate your supervisors and employees anytime you want. The latest in labor relations tools for both prevention and campaigns via videos, eLearning and websites. No DVDs, no DVD players, nothing to ship or track down or look for in your bosses’ office., experience the power and be the hero.

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