Netflix has 85,000 DVDs for Rent

On Monday–perhaps? The 12,000 members of the Writers Guild of America may go on strike in Hollywood as the battle with Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers comes to a grinding halt. As bad as the recent crop of television shows on primetime are now, I thought the Hollywood writers were already on strike. Order up some permanent replacements now…hell, I know this CEO who writes a decent blog…

The Teamsters Ate my Television — now another reason to hate them. The Teamsters, specifically Hollywood Local 399, is telling its 4,000 drivers, location managers and casting directors to honor picket lines when the TV and film writers strike. They might want to review their own contract–you know the one with the “no strike” clause—the one with the legal obligation to honor its contract with producers. Oh yeah, that one. Should be fun having to drive through the picket lines while on the job and then when off the job supporting and walking the picket lines with the writers. The real question: “Will the teamsters attack themselves in a momentary lapse of judgment?”

The real problem is DVD residuals–the 4 cents negotiated in 1985 vs getting 8 cents today– now my head hurts. Wait, I just learned this could impact The David Letterman Show. I think I need a nap. I no longer care about any of this.

As long as “24” starts in January and runs for 24 consecutive weeks, because it’s all about me and my needs, that’s all I’m trying to say…good luck Hollywood, have your people call my people, we’ll do lunch (after my nap)…

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