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How would you describe your employee/labor relations team? Is it understaffed, overworked, under-trained or non-existent? In today’s business environment, managing Human Resources has become more and more complex, and far more challenging than ever before. Each person in the labor force must be engaged and motivated, as this is the only way to increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention rates, and keep your business union-free.

Because they play such critical roles in business sustainability, labor relations and union avoidance are no longer optional principles. Yet, even the most competent business owners may find that they simply do not have time to deal with all the complex intricacies of labor relations. For this reason, every business needs a professional labor relations expert on their leadership team.

Linking Labor Relations and Union Avoidance

UnionProof understands the important connection between labor relations and union avoidance. The value of the knowledge and skills a labor relations expert brings to a business is reflected in current salaries. According to Payscale, employee and labor relations professionals have an earnings potential of over $100,000 annually. This number was confirmed by Salary.com as recently as August 2016, with the company finding a median annual salary of over $113,000 for a Labor Relations Manager. Over a quarter of those with the job title of Labor Relations Specialist earn well over $83,000 annually. The Department of Labor occupational employment statistics report an average annual salary of $60,630, meaning hiring a labor relations expert with average experience comes with a high cost.

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However, not developing positive labor relations has even higher costs should the employees unionize or if the company has to constantly respond to formal employee complaints with the NLRB, EEOC or other labor-related agencies. The potential labor problems are not worth risking, so it is important for every business to understand how to build an internal labor relations team without spending a small fortune.

In our new guide, “How To Build An Employee Relations Dream Team,”  you’ll get fantastic insight into the ideal structure of the modern labor relations team, as well as how to write high-quality job descriptions, develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and cultivate a team that top management relies on for guidance.

How to build an Employee Relations Dream Team

Three Action Steps

STEP 1: Understand the structure of the modern labor relations team

The guide provides actionable tips for creating your training, awareness, and campaign teams. Even if you’re a one-man band, making sense of your labor relations team in this way can help you focus energy and resources in the right places!

STEP 2: Write job descriptions and KPI’s for each position

Get the 5 critical parts of a job description for the employee relations team and understand the importance of establishing key performance indicators for each.

STEP 3: Retain high-performers and discharge poor performers

Learn 4 great rules for finding and keeping the top talent, as well as how to give your HR pros expert-level skills!

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