Getting Creative With New Hire Orientation

An online resource, such as a website, that is regularly updated, and always accessible, is the best practice when it comes to information sharing. Incorporating interactive e-learning features into the website can also draw family and co-workers into the process. Companies today are including self-directed features such as:

Interactive photo match – match names with faces at the company- will help familiarize new hires with corporate family free, increasing productivity and helping to avoid embarrassing situations such as the new hire who asks a stranger for help with the coffee maker machine, only to discover later that the “stranger” was the CEO.

Benefits Calculators – shows the true value of company-provided benefits.

Interactive Dress code exercises that humorously but effectively demonstrate what is and isn’t appropriate.

Countdown to their first day, building anticipation.

Printable map showing nearby retail and restaurant locations.

Mechanism so new hires can offer feedback for making improvements.

Searchable glossary of company acronyms, buzzwords with which a new employee might not be familiar. This is also a boost to productivity when new employee don’t or won’t ask what it means.

A printable “Help Source” card that provides the names and email addresses of people who are pre-designated for questions.

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