Fun with Purple!

First, to truly have fun with this you need to click the title link above but wear sunglasses because it’s a lot of purple to take in all at once.

Second, if you are going to use the old Ghostbuster theme, make sure it really works for what you are babbling about:
“Who Ya Gonna Recall? – A Union Buster! – President DiNicola”… (Uh, I’ve checked the official Union Buster’s Membership List and he’s not on it.)
Third, leave it to the SEIU to vote in only the best for a local union president…”Go Joe go!”
You see good old Joe just got his butt kicked by an Oregon judge that just didn’t see things the way old Joe did at Local 503. Joe wanted $110,000 in overtime pay. Pay that he claimed was due because he was working “all the time” as president of the local. You see Joe was checking email at night, Joe was making phone calls while walking his dog and eating out at restaurants. Joe was even on the picket line once for a whole hour. Joe apparently was always working for the SEIU, so much in fact that he turned in all his notes, accounting for every single minute of his time and totaled up all the overtime he had worked. One hundred fifty-five thousand seven hundred sixty minutes of overtime to be exact. 2,596 hours of email checking and don’t forget $44 for the one hour picket line march. That $44 was Joe’s hourly rate based on the $83,000 salary he already makes as president of the local. Joe also received a $400 monthly stipend, $245 monthly car allowance and flexible medical benefit of $140 a month.
By the way, the judge ruled that Joe was management and therefore exempt from overtime and thus his request was denied. Needless to say, now his own local is disturbed by all of his shenanigans and wants him removed from office via a recall election.
Also, in case you are interested, according the purple website, you can take the image above to your local Kinkos and for $1.50 print as many buttons as you can afford…
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