Creating a UnionProof Strategy in 5 Days

Ok, so you’re reading the title of this article and thinking, “Oh, come on – creating a comprehensive strategy isn’t something that can be done overnight.” And you know what? We totally agree with you. Every year, some of the biggest (and smallest companies) in the country spend thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to research, to learn from others, and to craft a strategy that’s particular to their employees and their situation. The strategies and implementation that come from those effort are not only powerful and effective, they are constantly evolving, keeping pace with labor law, current thinking, and newer and more advanced resources and technologies.

And, no matter how big or small your company is, or how much experience your team may have, we imagine that you’re no different – you want a positive employee relations strategy that addresses the unique needs of your workforce. You want employees and supervisors to embrace operating union-free, not because it’s being imposed upon them, but because it truly is in everyone’s best interest to maintain flexibility and those direct connections with one another.

Creating a strategy that inspires that kind of environment isn’t a quick fix. But there ARE some tried-and-true ideas that will propel you forward in this effort. These are the things that, after over 35 years in the labor relations communication industry, we’ve learned truly WORK, regardless of industry, geography, culture, and even past history. The UnionProof team advises labor relations pros who are crafting (or overhauling) their communication strategy to begin with these 5 concepts and build from there. Up until now, this advice was limited to clients, but now we’ve decided to offer it to anyone who may need it.

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