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The Real Effect Unions Have on Wages

By UnionProof

One of the mantras of union representatives is, “Union employees earn more.” Certainly, the unions eagerly point to various studies that report union wages are as much as 20 percent or more than non-union wages. However, when economics are involved, the real effect unions have on wages is more complex. Wages are subject to labor […]


Unions And Sexual Harassment

By UnionProof

As unions search for ways to modernize their brands, they’re taking on issues like sexual harassment in the workplace. The challenge they face in appearing to be truly concerned about this particular issue is that some union leaders were recently accused of being sexual harassers. It’s critical that you understand what constitutes sexual harassment, train […]


What Your Employees Don’t Know About Unions

By UnionProof

Gallup polls over the past six decades reveal how Americans view organized labor. The most recent survey in August 2017 shows the latest developments in the perception of unions, along with the overall level of knowledge possessed by American respondents. A disparity between perception and knowledge of unions reveal the need for immediate worker education. […]

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