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Is My Company Vulnerable to Union Organizing?

By Jennifer Orechwa

It’s a common question for employers. Many union-free companies feel blindsided when they find evidence their employees are showing interest in unions, like a union authorization card left behind in the break room. The reality is: companies have external and internal vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed in order for your organization to stay union-free.


Buyer Beware! Avoid these 5 Pitfalls in Addressing Union Organizing

By Walter Orechwa

At Projections, we’ve been helping companies educate and inform employees on unions for over 4 decades; and we know that there are a pitfalls in addressing union organizing that can take a company by surprise. Especially when things start to gain momentum toward an election. So today, I’m sharing our top five “buyer beware” tips to save you from the missteps others have made.

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