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“Belonging in the Workplace” – What Does It Mean, and Why Does it Matter?

By Walter Orechwa

Belonging is right in the middle of the needs list. It is a powerful human need that drives behaviors, leading people to form ties with friends and co-workers. Belonging in the workplace means feeling valued through positive connections with others and able to bring the authentic self to work. People are always looking to develop a sense of connection in their personal and work lives because that is how they validate their feelings and fulfill the need of belonging.


How Much Does It Cost to Prevent Union Organizing?

By Jennifer Orechwa

At UnionProof, we strongly believe that you shouldn’t wait until a union campaign arises to take action. We feel that you should build a strong foundation for a union-free culture where unions simply aren’t necessary. Of course, this isn’t the path every organization wants to take, so we’ll discuss some of the costs to preventing union organizing.

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