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Union Organizing: Why Your Company Culture Matters

By UnionProof

How culturally competent is your company? If upper management loses sight of what matters to employees, especially in situations where management and employee groups include different genders, generations, backgrounds, languages, and religions, that disconnect can lead to union organizing. Your company’s cultural competency plays a significant role in whether unions are able to gain a […]


How to Talk to Employees About Collective Bargaining

By Walter Orechwa

Better wages, better benefits, better working conditions — these are just a few of the promises union organizers make during collective bargaining to employees to gain their support during an organizing drive. An employer can’t make the same kinds of lofty claims unless they want to risk an Unfair Labor Practice charge. It’s a little […]


The Real Effect Unions Have on Wages

By Jennifer Orechwa

One of the mantras of union representatives is, “Union employees earn more.” Certainly, the unions eagerly point to various studies that report union wages are as much as 20 percent or more than non-union wages. However, when economics are involved, the real effect unions have on wages is more complex. Wages are subject to labor […]

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