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Collective Bargaining: What is a Good-Faith Impasse?

By Walter Orechwa

Anyone who wonders how long union contract negotiations can last when the National Labor Relations Board and courts get involved only has to look at the Mikesell’s Potato Chip Co. versus General Truck Drivers, Warehousemen, Helpers, Sales and Service v, and Casino Employees, Teamsters Local Union No. 957, Case 09-CA-094143. Ironically, the employer tried to […]


How to Talk to Employees About Collective Bargaining

By Walter Orechwa

Better wages, better benefits, better working conditions — these are just a few of the promises union organizers make during collective bargaining to employees to gain their support during an organizing drive. An employer can’t make the same kinds of lofty claims unless they want to risk an Unfair Labor Practice charge. It’s a little […]


Arbitration Agreements and Unions: A Volatile Relationship

By UnionProof

The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision concerning the right of employers to include mandatory arbitration agreements in contracts. An arbitration clause states that an employee agrees to not pursue legal action, individually or collectively, against an employer in court when protesting job-related issues like wrongful termination or wages. Instead, the employee agrees to […]

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