Bob the Builder–Unionman?

Who knew? “Bob the Builder” is apparently not only a bona-fide union member with the IBEW but, he is also a Union Organizer in Los Angeles. Check out Bob’s website at

See the future, because the neat (or frightening) thing about this particular Bob is that, as organizing goes, this is impressive. The website is clean, straight-forward, easy to read and digest and he’s got a trademarked slogan, “Sign contractors. Attract Members. Gain Market Share”. Trademarked! He’s not screwing around. The site also has “Helpful Articles for Construction Workers” and union links.

Bob has also built a blog… say that three times. (“Bob the builder built a brilliant blog”. Okay, don’t – but do check out the blog out at

Today’s blog is about a corporate campaign against Hirex Construction (all the way down to the inflatable rats). Pay particular attention to some of the video elements (see his March 5 post about finding sites to organize) including a “ video newsletter,” very effective: it’s short and useful to his audience of construction industry organizers.

Bob’s website, blog and videos will continue to grow and improve and reach their intended audience. There are thousands of “Bob’s” out there, just insert “your union here” and they are coming for the same intended audience – your employees.

“The best defense is a good offense,” as the saying goes (Hannibal to B.A. Baracus on The A-Team, circa 1983, see below). Communicate to your employees. Create an Orientation video, train your supervisors and educate your employees on Labor 101 before Bob comes knocking on your door.

Hannibal: B.A., there’s an old saying – “The best defense is a good offense.”
B.A. Baracus: You got that wrong, man. A good offense is the best defense.
Hannibal: Okay, have it your way.

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Walter Orechwa

Walter is Projections’ CEO and the founder of UnionProof & A Better Leader. As the creator of Union Proof Certification, Walter provides expert advice, highly effective employee communication resources and ongoing learning opportunities for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals.