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UnionProof has assisted more than 10,000 companies in their efforts to stay union-free, manage a union decertification process, or prevent another union campaign. Our philosophy is different from many competitors because they’re focused on fighting unions. Our ultimate mission is to help employers stay union-free or become union-free through employee engagement and effective leadership.

Positive vs. Negative Focus

UnionProof has helped many companies counter against union campaigns and elections, of course, but the ideal situation is developing a corporate culture and employee engagement level that makes unions unnecessary. This is becoming more critical each day as the pace of unionization and strikes is accelerating.

Our staff at UnionProof gets questions about our competitors as far as what they offer. In this industry, there are two major categories of competitors. The first are companies like UnionProof that offer pre-packaged and customized online and offline products and services, and consulting services. The second category consists largely of labor relations firms that primarily provide consulting services, with most led by attorneys or labor consultants.

Before vs. After

Here is the difference. UnionProof helps companies before, during, and after union campaigns and addresses leadership training gaps and employee communication practices as components of unionization. Attorneys and labor consultants are frequently hired after company leaders get wind of union activity. It could be anything from a union authorization card accidentally left in the breakroom to a formal notification the employees are starting a union campaign.

We like transparency and want business leaders to know their options when selecting providers of union campaign sources, so they make good decisions. That’s why we offer the following sample of companies and law firms that are typical of UnionProof’s competitors.

The list is intended to give examples of the employer options for getting union campaign assistance. In each category, a simple search online – using terms like “anti-union” and “stop unions” and “labor relations professionals” and “union campaign sources” and “union avoidance” – will lead to a wide selection of companies, law firms, and consultants.

Labor Relations Institute (LRI)

The LRI is a labor relations firm founded and managed by a labor attorney and has been in business for over 40 years. The company offers a full range of services and products that include leadership training, campaign tools in the cloud, dark websites, consulting services, campaign literature, and custom videos.

SPARTA Solutions

This is a large well-known labor relations company that has a range of services and products and a website that says it “battles with labor unions.” However, unions are just one aspect of their business. They also deal with computer hackers, government agencies, environmental groups, political organizations, and individuals who negatively impact an employer’s brand.

Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

This is a national membership organization that addresses all aspects of Human Resources management, including preventing unionization and responding to union activities. There are toolkits, legal compliance information, labor relations articles, and learning resources in various formats, i.e., video, eLearning, webcasts, onsite training virtual events.

Barnes & Thornburg

The law firm of Barnes & Thornburg has a team of legal professionals who help clients with union avoidance activities. The company has multiple offices, including one in Atlanta that serves Southeast clients. A major component of the firm’s plan is front-line training supervisors in the skills needed to avoid unions.

Reliant Labor Consultants

This labor and employee relations consulting firm offers three types of services: avoiding a union, fighting a union, and preventive labor relations. The consultants offer supervisor and manager training programs, services to improve employer-employee communication during a union campaign, and periodic audits to identify potential problem areas and the need for specialized training.

Kulture Consulting, LLC

This company serves clients all over the country with many in the Southeast and provides consulting to companies ranging from 5-19,000 employees. The company offers labor relations services that include training supervisors and managers, providing information directly to employees, developing a strike preparation plan, media planning and execution, and internal and external communications.

More Information

There are many providers of union campaign resources, and the companies presented are just a sample of the different options. Making the right choice can mean the difference between unionizing or staying union-free. The following resources provide more information useful for decision-making.

Check out Projections, Inc. as a good starting point for your research. We made it easy to access the resources that fit your organization’s needs. It has links to UnionProof, A Better Leader, and custom communication solutions for your workforce. 

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