The TIPS and FOE Rules: What You Need To Know

TIPS FOE Rules Explained

Are Your Supervisors Properly Trained To Help You Win An Election?

When it comes to winning a union election, your strategy begins with your front-line leaders, who can literally make-it or break-it for the company. Besides just having managers who want to win a campaign, you need leaders who know how to do it within the rules outlined by the NLRA.

As far as basic training goes, start your leaders with two acronyms: TIPS and FOE.

The TIPS Rule is four things that your leaders can not say or do:


The TIPS Rule is vital, no matter if your company has units that are unionized or if you are completely union-free. Your managers and supervisors need to understand the ways in which they are not allowed to communicate during an organizing drive. In fact, a union could be working right now to represent your employees, and if your leaders don’t know the TIPS Rule, you could find yourself:

  • Being charged with an Unfair Labor Practice
  • Answering those charges before the NLRB, and paying for legal counsel
  • Watching as the NLRB awards the union representation of your employees
  • Bargaining with a third party over your company’s wages, benefits, and more!

The FOE Rule represents three items your leaders CAN use to communicate:


“The FOE Rule: Explained!” video makes sure your leaders understand:

  • That you trust them to communicate effectively and legally with employees
  • That silence is not an option during a union organizing drive
  • That following the rules of the NLRA protects both employees and the company
  • The 3 rules that will allow them to connect with employees on the topic of staying union-free without fear!

Used together, the TIPS and FOE rules will help your leaders follow the NLRA, protecting your employees and your company from Unfair Labor Practices. Educate your leaders with two new explainer videos, on the TIPS Rule (available here) and the FOE Rule (available here).


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