9 Ways To Stay Union Free in 2019 (That We Bet You Haven’t Thought Of!)

Ways to Stay Union Free 2019

Looking for ways to stay union free in 2019? Your union free philosophy can be successful only if your employees are educated and engaged. Without a respectful culture and a clear path to solving issues in the workplace, unhappy employees tend to congregate and publicly air their concerns, which is often the first step towards unionizing. Ready to focus on what keeps employees happy and companies union-free? Here are 9 great ways to stay union free in 2019!

1. Connect With Your Supervisors

Your supervisors are charged with achieving the company’s objectives by leading and inspiring your diverse workforce. Support them by providing training on soft skills, leadership and labor skills  to help them improve their ability in balance goals and the needs of employees. Let your leaders know now that in 2019, the company will help them improve their interpersonal skills and technical competence to be able to inspire trust in employees and assert their authority.   Your proactive supervisor training strategy shows them that you value their contribution to the company’s goal of staying union free in 2019.

Want to take it one step further? Create an online home just for your supervisors, where they can connect with your goal of remaining union-free in 2019.

2. Resolve Complaints Efficiently and Effectively

Decide now that in 2019 you’re going to create – and promote – a process by which employees can bring issues to light and get those issues addressed in a timely manner.  Nothing helps keep companies union free like employees that feel they have a voice.  Conversely, unresolved conflicts affect productivity, creativity, and cooperation. They escalate, if not handled proactively and effectively. Make sure your  leaders  have good conflict resolution abilities that support your  alternative dispute resolution (ADR) policies to build trust among employees and remain union free in 2019.

3. Educate Yourself

Your workplace is likely more diverse, more multi-generational, and evolving more rapidly than ever before. Staying union free can pose quite a few challenges. Preparing now for any union organizing efforts can give you the peace of mind you need in 2019. This includes understanding the history of unions, how they operate, even how they organize. With the right resources in hand, you’ll be ready to address employee concerns, improve engagement and create your UnionProof culture..

4. Educate Employees

Your history lessons will tell you that unions  had an undeniable role in improving the lives of working people. But in 2019, they also prevent companies from competing and thriving. Disengaged and unproductive workers are often much more difficult to discipline and even remove in a union environment. Many employees don’t realize such adverse effects of unions. Similarly, employees don’t often understand the monetary strain unions can place on both companies and employees. You need to educate them about the real cost of unionizing and gain their trust.

When employees understand their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, they realize they don’t have to be coerced into joining a union.

5. Provide Great Working Conditions

To remain union free in 2019 and attract and retain great employees, you need to maintain an excellent work environment. Unhappy or disgruntled employees affect productivity and the morale of others. Treat employees as human beings, recognize their achievements, forgive their mistakes, and forge strong ties with them, thereby making them feel that their workplaces are supportive and enjoyable.

6. Create An Excellent Handbook and Clear Policies

Resolve to re-read your employee handbook. Does it communicate your organization’s vision, culture, and policies? It should be easy to understand and access, legally compliant, and up to date. Your handbook should ideally include a disclaimer that it is not an employment contract; an introduction and welcome note; company mission statement; employee benefits; and all significant company policies. And once you’ve made any updates, it should be reviewed by your legal counsel.

7. Employ Good Legal Counsel

Which brings us to this very important point – all employers need legal advice occasionally. Engage the services of a law firm that suits your culture and your values and specializes in employment law, to be prepared for any eventuality. A good employment attorney can help you  with hiring, classifying, and firing employees. They can advise you in making decisions that affect many employees, such as layoffs; represent you during legal or administrative proceedings, including lawsuits, claims and complaints; and help you to review all important documents.

One of the most prevalent legal issues for employers today is that of harassment. Make sure your attorney can guide you to the best ways to educate and inform your leaders and your employees on harassment prevention to create a Respectful Workplace in 2019.

8. Offer Competitive Wages and Benefits to Remain Union Free in 2019

Can you identify your top performers? Some companies know who performed well but fail to reward them suitably. Resolve in 2019 to overcome this particular stumbling block to maintaining a union-free workplace. Use data-driven tools to measure employee performance and reward the best. Offer salaries above market rates and consider attractive, innovative benefits that will appeal to your specific workforce, such as telemedicine, pet insurance, legal aid, identity theft protection, paid family leave, etc.  Careful consideration of their needs will keep employees happy, give you the edge over competitors, and help your company stay union-free in 2019.

9. Communicate with Employees

Convey your company’s values to your employees during their job interviews and also during employee orientation sessions. They should be clear about what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. A company culture based on respect, honesty, transparency, hard work, and cooperation is a crucial factor in employee satisfaction. If your employees find that you are open, approachable, and fair in your dealings, they will engage deeply with the company and never feel the need to turn to a third party, such as a union, to resolve issues.

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