3 Videos the UAW Doesn’t Want To Go Viral

A grassroots employee effort is heating up at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, TN facility today, in anticipation of the UAW representation election there later this week.

Despite strong worker opposition to the prospect of becoming UAW members, VW has allowed the UAW full access to the plant and has agreed not to oppose the organizing drive.

So a group of Volkswagen employees started a website a while back called NO2UAW.com. They’ve made public VW’s Neutrality Agreement with the UAW. They’ve also got a FaceBook page by the same name, and today posted 3 new videos. One video is an overview of why they want Volkswagen to remain union-free, and the other two are employee testimonials, speaking out against the unionization of the Chattanooga plant.

See the 3 videos the UAW would prefer you didn’t – here…

Why VW Team Members are Opposed to the UAW

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