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Attorneys & Consultants

Finding resources you can be proud to share with your clients can take time and money you just don't have. If you're a professional in the labor relations field, Insider Access is for you. With hundreds of options at your fingertips for educating, engaging, and training employees and leaders, your clients will turn to you as their trusted adviser.

HR & Labor Professionals

If you're a company representative, UnionProof Insider Access and instant online streaming are a key element of your employee engagement strategy. Register as an Insider member today to see full-length program previews, purchase instant access to the programs you need, plus manage your account, get discounts and begin using the UnionProof Toolbox

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Ready to take your labor relations training to the next level? Dive into UnionProof Certification!

If you're a human resources professional who has been tasked with labor relations, it can be easy to feel out of your depth!

UnionProof Certification provides the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully navigate any labor-related situation from card-signing to organizing to ULPs and the NLRB.

You'll walk away with a comprehensive UnionProofing strategy and a clear plan for success!

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