Why Should My Company Use Social Media?

socialPeople are participating in social media because it provides a fast and easy way to stay connected to people and exchange information on virtually any topic. For organizations, social media can open lines of communication between employers and employees, increasing employee engagement and positively impacting the company’s ROI. Additionally, it helps the organization position itself as a cutting-edge, caring, and fair enterprise. These traits are especially important to increasingly engaged consumers and young professionals, who are accustomed to and comfortable using social media.

Beeline Labs, a marketing strategy firm, recommends the following guidelines for successful implementation of social media applications into an organization’s communication strategies:

1. Start with the end goal in mind: What is the purpose of developing this community?

2. Communicate the value of the community: How will this community strategically impact the organization?

3. Don’t start with technology: What technology is needed to accomplish the end goal and demonstrate value?

4. Plan engaging content and activities: What content will peak members interests?

5. Have dynamic community leaders: Who in the organization can welcome new members, participate in discussions, and help others connect without controlling the community?

6. Organize a passionate core of participants before launching the community: Who in the organization is knowledgeable and can help develop a culture in the community?

7. Create governance and guidelines: How can the organization protect its business interests and members from potential abuse of the technology?

8. Learn from other industries and business leaders: How are successful organizations using social media technologies to improve their business?