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Why “Inoculation” of Employees Fails and Union Proofing Succeeds

failure-successJust as health professionals use inoculation procedures on patients as preventative measures before they are exposed to contagious diseases, many business owners also try to inoculate employees against the potential of union organizing. However, inoculation often fails because it’s thought of as a one-time thing. Instead, businesses must be proactive and look at staying union free as an ongoing effort, closer to something like a holistic approach to personal health. From informing and educating new hires and employees, to training managers to be better leaders, and  throughout it all encouraging positive employee relations, you can over time, create an environment where unions are unnecessary.

Inform Pre-hires of your Union Free Philosophy

Communicating effectively about your philosophy is vital. Even before you fill new positions, let prospective employees know where your company stands when it comes to maintaining your direct connection to them. During the interview or pre-hire orientation, share a consistent and company-positive video that explains your company’s union-free operating philosophy. The pre-hire orientation video should provide in-depth company information including the following:

  • Detailed company history
  • Points of pride
  • Reasons behind a union-free philosophy
  • Reinforcement of the union-free approach


Educate Employees About The Benefits of Staying Union-Free

Employees are often hesitant when it comes to discussing issues related to unionization. As a business leader, you must keep the lines of communication open so that employees understand the truth of what happens during union organizing drives. As a means of staying union-free, it’s imperative that your ongoing training programs include educating all employees about protecting their signature and not signing a union authorization card. Employees need to be educated about what a union authorization card is, what it does, what it means, and that they shouldn’t sign one without full knowledge of why a union organizer wants their signature so badly.

Train Management on Positive Employee Relations

When union organizing campaigns work, it is most often due to business leaders being unable to respond to the concerns of employees fast enough. Companies can avoid “ambush” and “underground” tactics by providing managers and supervisors with the knowledge necessary to make them better leaders. Labor relations training that includes a focus on positive employee relations and maintaining direct connections is a great way to make sure everyone is focusing on building your union proof workforce. Additional labor relations and union-avoidance information, along with ongoing company updates, can be generated into a handy resource that is readily available for managers to access.

Ultimate Defense Kit

Even the best organizations can still be vulnerable to union organizing. To keep your business union-free, it’s important to focus not just on inoculating employees, but caring for their needs and creating an environment where a union just isn’t necessary. Take the proper steps: from the pre-hiring process to supervisor training to ongoing communication. Consider your union-free operating philosophy as a lifetime strategy toward a positive corporate culture. Incorporating your union proof communication strategy is a game-changer!