Unions “Batting a Thousand”

At first all 30 Major League Baseball teams were instructed to save broken bats and after 260 games they had 257 broken bats.   Today the number is 1,700 and climbing.  That’s how many broken bats MLB officials have collected since July 2nd.  Apparently it’s a staggering number and it sounds like it to me, I mean that’s a lot of broken bats.  Commissioner Bud Selig’s analysis is that maple bats are suspect as they are the majority of the broken bats.  Take corrective action–you say.  Ha, if it were only that easy.  You see the MLB is unionized and well bats and their use fall under collective bargaining.  I wish I were kidding but I’m not.  Forget player safety…, what’s a few impalements among fans, er, friends?

What’s next then?  The union says it will be next season before any corrective action is taken.  Besides who really cares, football season has started.