Top Ten Things Overheard at CUE in Orlando

TOP TEN THINGS billboardUnless you attended the CUE Unplugged session this past week, it’s a mystery as to what C-U-E stood for in the beginning. But move forward 30+ years and the name CUE is all we know.  CUE – An Organization For Positive Employee Relations.  Their mission is to assist employers in creating and maintaining a strong and independent workplace culture through positive employee relations.  It’s also a member-run (non-union and gasp, union), non-profit group that meets twice a year bringing the true power of the organization to the attendees.  That power- people like you and the 300 or so member companies that come to network and share best practices in a powerful 3-day event.  They just closed out the Spring meeting in Orlando and if you missed out, you’ve got about 6 months to get your act together for the fall conference in Dallas.
Who are these member companies? Look in the mirror because they are you, individuals and teams open to learning and sharing with like-minded companies and competitors in all industries, demographics and sizes.  They are the HR, labor relations, team managers, team leads, and all levels of executives from Fortune 50 to 5000 companies.  They are the employers & employees that know it all and have seen it all to employees that started the day before the conference and are brand new to HR and labor relations.  Either way, everyone is there to both give and take and love every minute of it.  There is no organization like it out there dedicated to providing a true value, a very usable education and a life-time of connections to its members.

Obviously, I cannot say enough good things about the organization and I am not alone in my sentiments.

The Top Ten Things Overheard in Orlando

10) “In the Zombie movie, “28 Days Later,” it did not end well for the population. So I’m thinking that with an average Ambush Election of 24 days, perhaps I should prep now: do my Statement of Position and a test run on gathering my Excelsior list.”

9) “Unions are telling your kids about sex, no wait, something like that, or was it Snapchat is evil.  Stop being scared of Social Media and embrace it.  Your employees are your best brand ambassadors and are having important conversations, with or with you.  Be proactive  – not reactive.”

8) “In case of organizing, break glass and launch the “dark website” you’ve already created. I’ve heard talk of them but didn’t understand the advantages this communication tool may provide me in an Ambush Election.”

7) “They should move CUE Unplugged into the break area or something.”

6) “The simple Persuader Rule is not simple and perhaps wishing it would go away is not the best strategy.  It’s an opportunity to engage with the C-Suite before July 1st.”

5) “The real story behind the PSI case study: anyone can be a union organizing target and logic be damned as to why…”

4) “Practically every presenter said the number one thing I should be doing is educating my Supervisors and Managers… but I just can’t seem to get over my own fear of what they may say or do…” 

“Ohhhh, wait – training them, now I get it.”

3) “Engaging millennials… if they weren’t my kids, I’d make them pay for their own smartphones.”

2) “If I use Periscope to YammerSlacker, will my Google alert me?”

and number 1…

“Scott Purvis is still the big man on campus. ‘Play nice with the NLRB and live to tell the tale…’ ”


Find out more about CUE or just take my word and join.

Go immediately to the Members page and sign in, then reach out and say hi to someone.  Ask a question, better yet, answer a question!

If you exchanged business cards in Orlando with someone, reach out via email or the social media app of your choice and say “Hi” and then… wait for it… ask a question! Other members want to answer you, they live to share, it’s engrained in the CUE culture, trust me.


Put October 16-18 on your calendar now and budget to attend the CUE Fall Conference in Dallas. There is no excuse to not attend.  If you cannot attend, then tap a lucky co-worker or two or three. Is there someone in your industry or even outside of your industry that YOU KNOW would benefit from this experience? Then why are you keeping it a secret?  Do I have to do everything? Share today, stop being selfish.

Stop reading this and do it now.

Why are you still here?

Go away, reach out, they will thank you. 

I thank you.


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