It’s only $44.75 a month forever

As if they have someone else to endorse other than Barry Obama, the AFL-CIO labor federation’s 56 unions made it “official” and endorsed Barack Obama for president.  Woo hoo, way to go– now the waiting is “officially” over as I’m sure every union member was on the edge of their seat wondering, “Who should I vote for?… Now that I know it’s Obama, my life, my job and my pay will dramatically improve overnight!”

Like lemmings going over the cliff… except this time before you jumped, they took $200 million of your dues money and are going to use it to promote Obama’s candidacy to the AFL-CIO’s 9 million members.  Cheers.
The Change to Win labor federation had already jumped the gun and announced that it had unanimously endorsed Obama back in February.  Never mind that the United Farm Workers had previously endorsed Hillary Clinton in January. What were they thinking?  So unanimous, well not so much, but who cares because the CTW already took a hundred million plus from the 6 million members’ dues money and guess what?  They’re using it to promote Obama’s candidacy for president.
Hey, 15 million union members: did you know that Barack Obama is running for President under the Democratic party ticket?  There– I just saved all of you about $325 million in wasted dues money on unimportant political spending.  Ask for a dues refund today.
What’s that?  You didn’t know that when you signed up to be a card-carrying dues-paying union member that it came with a pre-paid political endorsement for a candidate not of your choosing?  Sorry, welcome to Uniontown, where your money is the union’s money and whether you like it or not the AFL-CIO and CTW see politics as the path to their salvation.
All I have to say is companies had better wake up and smell the McCain. Without some type proactive measures, it’s clear that every union-free company is at risk… but with informed communication, your workforce can remain lemming-free.