Hospital Humor

Hey, did you hear the one about the unionized hospital that won’t accept it’s employee’s health insurance? Well, all kidding aside, the folks at St. Luke’s Cornwall in Newburgh, New York have SEIU 1199/Teamsters Local 445 National Benefit Fund health insurance and the hospital has stopped accepting it.

“Why would the hospital do that,” you ask? What possible reason would they have for making their own employees find new doctors and go elsewhere for medical care?

Union members say it is out of spite, but the hospital says, sorry, no, not spite- it’s a financial decision. “Payments take several months more on average than with other insurance companies and the process is very difficult. There are customer service issues. They have not responded appropriately when we’ve had problems in the past.”

Hard to believe isn’t it? No? Funny then? No? Sad? Tragic? Stupid?

All of the above?

Now, even the union members have dropped their request to be switched to the union’s health insurance, opting to stay with the MVP insurance that covers them at the hospital. The irony of that decision is the union made the decision to go with their own insurance during negotiation concession, says IBT Local 445 president Barry Russell.

Here’s the real punch line: “St. Anthony’s nurses file to unionize.” Just down the road, workers at St. Anthony’s Community Hospital’s nursing home have filed to unionize. Here’s the word for word quote from a blog posted on the Times Herald-Record website.

tippi333 July 10, 2008 12:05 PM
Good Luck -1199 is the worst union going-they are notorious for not paying medical claims just ask St.Lukes Hospital-if you go to the emergency room at Orange Regional they take 1199 but the emergency room doctors and tests which you get in the ER many are not participating 1199 and you find that out the hard way 6 months later when you get the bill that they did not pay and you are being taken to collection agencies because the doctors and tests were not part of 1199 and you don’t know this or can’t do anything when you are on a stretcher and in need of urgent emergency care-1199 also stalls and stalls and does not pay their medical claims out-Sorry St Anthony’s employees, but bad decision!

When will they ever learn? …a man walks into a bar. OUCH!