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Why Top Companies Stay Ahead of Online Messaging (And You Should, Too)

By UnionProof

Unions have stepped up their recruitment and communication efforts, thanks to technology. That’s an issue if you’re trying to stay union-free but lack in your tech game. So today we’re talking about five reasons to stay ahead of union organizing, and offering a few ways to do just that. 1.Convert enlistment. Technological advancement has extended […]


Tips For Responding Online to Union Organizing

By UnionProof

If your company’s employee outreach ends when your workers leave the building, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with your staff. Online outreach, in the form of mobile apps, social media and websites, is a popular way for labor union organizers to legally reach potential union members. There’s also evidence that union support is […]


How Unions Are Organizing Your Employees On Social Media Right Now

By UnionProof

Increasingly, social media has become an important organizing tool for labor unions, and employers must be familiar with the ways in which unions are using social media in order to form a bulwark against these activities. Editor of Peter List writes that as social media has become more ubiquitous over the past few years, […]

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