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How To Consider the Social Factors in Your Employee Communication

By UnionProof

Can you use social media to engage employees – and if you aren’t, are you missing an opportunity for growth? One of the lessons that social media has taught Human Resources leaders is that informal information sharing, coupled with formal training, is an effective form of learning. Developing “communities of practice” (in which team members […]


Union Organizing & Online Safety for Your Employees

By UnionProof

Take a quick moment, and think of the ways the Internet has simplified or made your personal life easier. Nearly 90 percent of Americans spend at least some time online, their time being spent on daily tasks like shopping, banking, scheduling, researching, and connecting with friends and family. Similarly, mobile devices are deeply embedded in […]


Why Top Companies Stay Ahead of Online Messaging (And You Should, Too)

By UnionProof

Unions have stepped up their recruitment and communication efforts, thanks to technology. That’s an issue if you’re trying to stay union-free but lack in your tech game. So today we’re talking about five reasons to stay ahead of union organizing, and offering a few ways to do just that. 1.Convert enlistment. Technological advancement has extended […]

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