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The Language of Unionization

By UnionProof

Unions succeed by making employees feel hostile toward their employers, and early signs of the hostility are found in the language of unionization. Employees begin making statements and using words or phrases that indicate that they are listening to a union sales pitch. One employer strategy for staying union free is training leaders to recognize […]


33 Great Ways To Union Proof Your Company

By UnionProof

Staying union-free requires a positive employee culture, an effective communication system and managers able to recognize signs of unionizing activities. Above all, the employer must be proactive, not reactive, to develop a solid plan for building positive employee relations and union avoidance. Taking Step-by-Step Action Make a union-free philosophy part of the business culture. Develop […]


Superior Supervisors Create UnionProof Companies

By UnionProof

Want to make your business union proof? Start with your supervisors. Your front line managers are key in your business’s management-employee relations. Your employees may rarely see you or upper management, but they see their supervisors every day. This means two things: First, what your supervisors observe and tell you are the best (and possibly […]

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