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Decertification: The 6 Things Employers Can’t Say

By UnionProof

An employee walks up to you and says he and some of his co-workers want to leave the union but they don’t know how. Not hiding your joy, you enthusiastically reach out to shake his hand, and tell him that you will do everything possible to help get the decertification process started. You just made […]


What Goes On In A Worker Center? What Employers Need to Know.

By UnionProof

As union membership continues to decline, worker centers are now taking on much of the role that “traditional” union organizing used to fill. These centers may offer workers free classes, leadership training and legal advice about their jobs. However, many of these seemingly beneficial centers have strong ties to unions. Unions often provide funding to […]


The Perfect Online Employee Communication Formula

By UnionProof

How to Engage Your Employees, Know What They’re Thinking and Get Them to Support your UnionProof CultureAfter our first “employee centric” website went online in 1999, it was clear that being able to connect with employees – and their families – in this way was a fantastic leap forward. Since that time, we’ve had over […]

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