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NLRA Section 7: Understanding Your Employees’ Right To Choose

By UnionProof

For many Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals, one of the best union-proofing strategies is developing a deep understanding of Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. This can come in handy during a union organizing drive, but even before you’re certain there’s a campaign, it’s smart to know what can and can’t be […]


How Technology Affects Your Union-Free Workplace

By UnionProof

Look out across many manufacturing floors, and you would have a difficult time spotting a human. Across industries, technology is having a profound impact on the workforce. Employers view technology as a way to keep labor costs down while improving efficiency and productivity. Unions view technology as a threat to job security and higher wages. […]


The Perfect Online Employee Communication Formula

By UnionProof

How to Engage Your Employees, Know What They’re Thinking and Get Them to Support your UnionProof CultureAfter our first “employee centric” website went online in 1999, it was clear that being able to connect with employees – and their families – in this way was a fantastic leap forward. Since that time, we’ve had over […]

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