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A Complete Guide to Volunteer Union Organizing Committees

By UnionProof

Formation of a volunteer organizing committee (VOC) often signals the start of an effort to unionize a workplace. As an employer, you cannot interfere with a VOC or prevent your employees from engaging with VOC members, but you can take actions to prevent employees from feeling the need to organize in the first place, or […]


3 Things To Avoid in a Union “Demand For Recognition”

By UnionProof

While the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) doesn’t change year over year, decisions by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alter interpretation of the NLRA on a regular basis. For example, a 2007 NLRB decision held that employers do not have to allow employee use of company email for union organizing. This position was reversed […]


What Goes On In A Worker Center? What Employers Need to Know.

By UnionProof

As union membership continues to decline, worker centers are now taking on much of the role that “traditional” union organizing used to fill. These centers may offer workers free classes, leadership training and legal advice about their jobs. However, many of these seemingly beneficial centers have strong ties to unions. Unions often provide funding to […]

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