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What Goes On In A Worker Center? What Employers Need to Know.

By UnionProof

As union membership continues to decline, worker centers are now taking on much of the role that “traditional” union organizing used to fill. These centers may offer workers free classes, leadership training and legal advice about their jobs. However, many of these seemingly beneficial centers have strong ties to unions. Unions often provide funding to […]


The Manager’s Guide to a Union’s Demand for Recognition

By UnionProof

Companies without unions usually want to stay that way, but union avoidance is a balancing act. It is critical to handle union organizing efforts within the law while still taking advantage of every opportunity to maintain a union-free environment. One of the trickiest situations lands small and medium-sized businesses in hot water on a regular […]


Labor Unions: Can They Work for Academia?

By UnionProof

In recent years, in order to increase membership, labor unions have turned their attention toward representing workers not typically represented by labor unions — and they often start by targeting the most vulnerable positions in any given organization. In higher education, that means part-time, or adjunct, professors. America’s colleges and universities have begun operating like corporations, […]

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