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Change and Union Organizing: How to Protect Your Company

By UnionProof

Every company suffers growing pains, restructurings, or other significant change. These periods of change can be uncomfortable to rank and file employees, who may not understand the company’s rationale or strategy. New owners, leadership, or benefits packages could lead employees to engage with unions or other outside organizations. Here’s how to prevent anxiety during a […]


Union Organizing – 30 things Employers CAN Do!

By UnionProof

If you’re facing employee union organizing at your company, your first instinct may be to want to shut it down immediately. It’s important, however, to know what an employer can and can’t legally do to prevent unionization. You must know what your employer rights during union organizing are under the National Labor Relations Act. There […]


Strategically Speaking: How to Build a Union Proof Culture From Day One

By UnionProof

When a new employee joins a company, either they become a part of a strong corporate culture, a weak one or something in between. Be warned that a weak culture leaves employees vulnerable to union organizing. That’s why you must ensure that all employees are aware of your company’s union-free operating philosophy and why your […]

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