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How Uncertainty Kills Engagement

By UnionProof

Unions were a significant force in the 20th century, bringing about widespread changes in working conditions nationwide. At that time, workers came together to end child labor, establish appropriate work schedules and create safer work environments. However, with these major issues resolved, 21st-century employees are less inclined to organize. It takes significant lack of engagement […]


Union Organizing & Online Safety for Your Employees

By UnionProof

Take a quick moment, and think of the ways the Internet has simplified or made your personal life easier. Nearly 90 percent of Americans spend at least some time online, their time being spent on daily tasks like shopping, banking, scheduling, researching, and connecting with friends and family. Similarly, mobile devices are deeply embedded in […]


What Your Employees Don’t Know About Unions

By UnionProof

Gallup polls over the past six decades reveal how Americans view organized labor. The most recent survey in August 2017 shows the latest developments in the perception of unions, along with the overall level of knowledge possessed by American respondents. A disparity between perception and knowledge of unions reveal the need for immediate worker education. […]

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