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How the NLRA Can Help You Stay Union Free

By UnionProof

As an employer, you may shy away from training on the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), but that’s generally a bad idea. Your employees have a right to know this information, and you might benefit from an honest discussion as well. Helping employees  understand their rights under the National Labor Relations Act can actually help […]


Little Card, Big Trouble: Union Avoidance in Canada is a Matter of Education

By UnionProof

Union supporters often pursue co-workers aggressively when card signing events begin, but they don’t accomplish this via confrontation. Instead, these roots are often found in subtle approaches, like one-on-one lunch room discussions and crafty invitations that place a worker in a position to hear more. Savvy Canadian employers educate employees on the impact of signing […]


5 Union Avoidance Tips That Will Transform Your Strategy

By UnionProof

So, you’ve got the legal side of union organizing down. You understand the rules of an election campaign, including TIPS and FOE, and you know the signs of organizing activity. You might even be prepared, with videos and websites, should a campaign begin. But what about right now? Here are the top 5 union proofing […]

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