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How to Manage a ULP (Particularly During Union Organizing)

By Walter Orechwa

When unions or employers take actions that are illegal according to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), there can be hefty consequences to pay. These unlawful actions are called Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) and are often used by these entities as scare tactics to get the desired action they want from employees. Whether it’s a […]


Resisting Union Organizing

By Walter Orechwa

(Part two in a two part series. Find part one here.) Many employers will resist a union organizing effort, using a variety of approaches. It’s important to understand that unions are, and always will be, aggressive in their efforts to find new, dues-paying members. As your labor counsel will tell you, your response should always […]


Step By Step Through A Union Campaign

By Walter Orechwa

Birth of a Union Campaign A union campaign doesn’t suddenly burst to life. They begin slowly, in one of two ways. It could be a few employees with a common issue who are not satisfied with their employer’s response and contact a union representative. The second path is when a union representative encourages discontent by […]

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