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How Millennials Are Reviving The Labor Movement

By UnionProof

The labor movement that gave rise to strong labor unions is on the decline. People are recognizing that the original reasons for unions – employer favoritism in the promotion process, low wages, child labor, lack of employee benefits and means for employee input – are now addressed by employers like you, as well as by […]


Insider SHORT: Top 10 Things Overheard At the Fall CUE Conference

By UnionProof

“CUE is the only place you can go to network and learn exclusively about positive employee relations and labor relations. The people are incredible. It’s a “can’t miss” meeting.” -CUE member, on the recent CUE survey 10) Those “Ask the Experts” dudes & dudettes, Nick Kalm (CCAC) , Tammie Rattray (LLAC) , Mark Stubley (LLAC) […]


Getting the Most from the Fall CUE Conference

By UnionProof

Twice a year, CUE holds an essential conference for Human Resources professionals, managers, and labor-relations specialists, and now it’s time for the CUE Fall 2017 Conference. The “Creating the Positive Employee Experience” CUE conference will be held October 15-17, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana and is an opportunity to hear and interact with experts from North […]

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