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How To Use Firebrands to UnionProof your Company

By UnionProof

What if you were told that your greatest threat to remaining union-free… could also be your best ally? Here’s a secret: you can flip a union organizer’s strategy on its head – labor unions often identify employees that have complaints. They look for your most outspoken employees, and turn them into in-house organizers. Here at […]


10 Top Union Avoidance Articles

By UnionProof

Here are some of the most-read and top-rated stories in recent years on the topic of union avoidance. If you’re working to create your union avoidance strategy, these are a great place to begin. (We know, we know. You’re welcome!) Adopt the TEAM approach to fight unions courtesy of Ohio Employer Law Blog A Lesson […]


NLRB Gives You Two More Months To Post Notice

By Union Proof

Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board announced that they were postponing the implementation date for its new notice-posting rule to allow for “enhanced education and outreach to employers.” The original date has been pushed back from November 14 to January 31, 2012. While the NLRB is certainly starting to feel some of the outside heat, […]

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