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How Unions Prevent Better Performers

By UnionProof

Unions can have a serious negative impact on the companies whose employees they organize. There are some obvious ones, like union contracts making it difficult to terminate employees, but there are also more subtle ones, like management’s difficulty in enforcing reasonable sick leave policies. Issues of union work rules, seniority and employee termination often tie the […]


3 Quick Engagement Tips that Will Keep you Union Free

By UnionProof

Today, keeping a company union-free means creating a culture where engagement is the top priority -something with which many (most!) companies still struggle. But there are ways to improve engagement and make unions unnecessary. Employee Engagement: Where to Focus Your Energy The challenge here is that it seems like every day brings new advice on […]


What is a Union Organizing Campaign?

By UnionProof

In 2016, approximately 14.6 million workers part of a union. While this amount only represents 10.7 percent of waged- and salaried- U.S. workers, it is still a significant number to recognize. Moreover, union elections increased by 14 percent and union-won elections increased by 1 percent, as of 2016. These statistics demonstrate that no company is immune […]

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