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Are You Using Outdated Tactics To Stop A Cardsigning Campaign?

In an age when nearly every single employee has his or her own mobile device, it is now easier to get in touch with each other than ever before. As management, you have to know this, as you can be sure the union heads have already figured this out. Today’s unions are stepping into the mobile communication world, and they are doing so rapidly. No longer do unions have to organize meetings via the break room. Instead, mass emails can be sent, Facebook groups can be created and Twitter can be used to raise awareness of union activities. In what used to take days, or weeks, to gain awareness via leaflets can now be done in a flash.

If companies continue to communicate a union-free philosophy via outdated tactics, chances of stopping a cardsigning campaign are greatly diminished. The internet has overtaken television as the preferred medium of communication and management needs to take advantage of this fact. Once an employee decides to become involved with an organizing drive, the union will try to gain access to that employee’s co-workers. With unions utilizing all of the current technologies, they gain instant access to the email addresses, phone numbers and social networking sites of these potential members. This allows the unions to bypass the traditional amount of time it would take to gain access to their circle of friends in the workplace.

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